About Controlled Solutions, Inc.

We believe that it is vital to invest in our infrastructure with key team players. These individuals are pivotal in the growth of the business. We believe in a team approach with a collaborative way of looking at problems and tasks with each individual feeling needed and supported by the others involved. Our team approach allows each player to express their unique thoughts and perspectives. By allowing that to thrive in our business we reap the benefits of committed and invested partners.

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Linda Voyer, Founder Controlled Solutions

Lorena Voyer, Founder

Ashley Noble, Controlled Solutions

Ashley Noble

Tanya N. Irvin, Controlled Solutions

Tanya N. Irvin

Michelle Guajardo, Controlled Solutions

Michelle Guajardo

Kim Doucette, Controlled Solutions

Kim Doucette

Jayme Simoneau, Controlled Solutions

Jayme Simoneau

Kerrie Chauvin, Controlled Solutions

Kerrie Chauvin

Kelsey Rainone Rustad, Controlled Solutions

Kelsey Rainone Rustad

Jennifer Boucher, Controlled Solutions

Jennifer Boucher