Employee Partnering

Need help acquiring talent for your accounting department? Struggling with new hires that are not qualified or not a great fit at your business? Employee Partnering from Controlled Solutions can reduce the stress related to talent acquisition and allow you to focus your time on other things that require your attention.

The first step in Employee Partnering from Controlled Solutions is understanding your company

Understanding your organization and your needs

Our team starts the process by getting to know your business and assessing your accounting needs. We’ll interview key employees and gain insight into the types of skills and qualities the position requires. Identifying these objectives at the beginning of the process will provide distinct guidelines for the search and clear expectations for the new hire.

Let Controlled Solutions handle the candidate search for your next accounting hire

Searching for qualified candidates for your accounting team

With a solid understanding of your needs, we’ll start promoting the position, collect candidate’s resumes and work with your HR team to select the top stars. Our experience in the accounting field is extremely advantageous in knowing what to look for on your behalf.

  • Write job description and place ad for applicants
  • Sift through resumes and interview potential candidates
  • Narrow down candidates for second interviews with HR team
Controlled Solutions works with your business through the onboarding process ot ensure a great fit

Onboarding and ensuring a great fit

Once you’ve found the right candidate and are ready to make an offer, Controlled Solutions stays engaged through the onboarding process to address any concerns that may come up. Our team is focused on helping you hire permanent staff who are knowledgeable, trainable and a cultural fit within your organization.